Editorial: Gothic Perspective on Middle East


Like the rest of the world, I’ve been watching the protests and unrest spread across the Middle East and North Africa like a wild fire gone out of control. At first it appeared these protests were fueled by the human need for basic freedoms. It was riveting to watch this wave of rebellion against oppression crash against the shores of the established governments like a tsunami.

However, when I saw this interactive map on ABC News and was chilled by the thought, what if things are not as they appear? What if in fact these protests were a coordinated effort by Al Qaeda to gain control of strategic countries and the all powerful oil producing countries?

Perhaps I am being a bit paranoid. But, it does seem seriously suspicious to me because of what appears to be coordinated timing and select locations. How better to gain world wide support than to use familiar symbols of freedom as their push for change?

If they honestly want basic human freedoms. Cool! Let’s start by allowing women some basic freedoms, like not having to wear veils without the fear of being stoned. I know some very wonderful people that are Muslim. In my mind its their choice if they want to wear veils or not. At least, in theory, it should be the choice of the woman that decides whether she wants to wear a veil or not. There is a good article about how much confusion and dispute exists even among Muslims about the status of the niqab (face veil) in Islamic law. It states there are some Muslims who reject it vigorously but they agree with the headscarf. There are other Muslims who accept it while feeling that it is an extra thing and a recommended act but not obligatory. But, there are also Muslims who assert that it is the required form of modest dress for women. This last group is very vocal and gets a lot of attention. (For the full article, please visit: www.muhajabah.com/faceveil.htm.)

Middle East Forces I honestly don’t mean to get gothic, dark or pessimistic about this. However, the US has on more than one occasion supported groups by providing them with weapons, training and money and later discovered what a mistake that was. I hope that we all proceed with caution and prudence. Without considering the possibility that these events may or may not be an orchestrated effort to gain control of a large portion of the world’s oil supply by Al Qaeda we could well pay a much higher price than the one at the pump!

By the way, where are all the affordable electric and hydrogen cars? Since we missed the boat back in the 1970’s, we really need to get on with letting go of our extreme dependence on oil.

And, that’s my two cents from the Political Gothic Peanut Gallery.